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Temple Run – Dare, Run and Win!

Who thought that a simple game of dare and run would turn out to be so fun and addictive! Well, if you have heard about (which we are sure) Temple Run then you know what exactly we are talking about. The game begins with a very ancient cave and we get a peak at the little opening of the cave where the objective of the game is written down. The message is right in your face; the game dares you to take the idol and there you go. The moment you press play, a character (which is supposed to be you) runs with all his might out of the cave closely followed by apes and monsters hungry for his life. On the way out (which is a never-ending path, literally) you get to collect coins which in turn give you rewards, boost ups and level ups. Simple? Umm.. not quite; you have n number of obstacles in your way which make sure that you lose and well end the game. These include huge tree roots, broken roads, frail bridges, slippery pathways, fire and whatnots. Did we forget to mention the unexpected turns? Well those too. Created by Imangi Studios, Temple Run has a huge fan following and has many variations based on the same theme. Visit their site and be ready to get your funny bone tickled.

While Temple Run 2 belongs to Imangi studio itself, rest are spin offs of the basic game; namely Temple Run Oz, Temple Final Run 3. Back in 2012, the studio teamed with Disney and came up with another version named Temple Run: Brave. This was to promote the movie Brave which was released same year. The default character was named Merida (after the central character in the movie). The settings were that of Scotland while the character was chased by the demon bear. This kind of collaboration was seen in the next year as well when the movie Oz the Great and Powerful was to be released. The game was named Temple Run: Oz. Another spin off in the offing is Temple Run: Treasure Hunters for which Google Play Store is accepting pre-registrations for the same. Looking at the popularity of this wonderful game, many other studios developed games based on the exact same theme. Although some of them are quite popular, but then the original remains the best by far.


Temple Run offers many characters for the users to choose. Although they have different appearances, they more or less are quite similar and have to do the exact same thing – run. But then they have different power ups which can help you sustain longer in the game and also top the leader board. Here are some of the characters to choose from.

Guy Dangerous

Guy Dangerous is the default character in both the versions of the game. This character is an average explorer in the first version; but this guy (ahem!) gets a power-up shield in the second version making him more powerful.

Scarlett Fox

Scarlett Fox is more or less like Guy. This character can be purchased for 10,000 coins in the first version and is available for a mere 5,000 coins in the second. This cunning escape artist gets a boost power up too.

Montana Smith

Now this one is described as the second best explorer ever; we wonder who the best is then! (Wink wink). He more or less looks like our very own Indiana Jones making him one of the popular characters. Although he comes at a price (250,000 coins) he has no special abilities.

Karma Lee

This character is from Asian lineage and Karma is going to bring you a lot of bonus points and power ups. She obviously is expensive, nonetheless she is going to be an asset. Have a look at her skills and power ups in this video.

Barry Jones

Although he might have an attitude, getting Jones might prove to be helpful. It is after you buy him you get to activate the very important power up known as Coin Bonus which in turn help you to get more points and eventually lead you to buy new, more skilled characters.

Bruce Lee

This mighty martial artist was available only for a limited time and was one of the characters which you needed to actually buy with real money. This feature was made permanent later.

Usain Bolt

Yes, you read it right! With his actual ability this addition was not at all surprising. He can be purchased directly and has a very special power up which is known as the Bolt Distance. This particular power up is a mix of magnate power up and the boost distance power up and you can only imagine what this combo could give you! It is a treat to watch this particular character.

There are several other characters which are limited edition only. But they are expected to come up in between depending upon the season and the trend.


If you are new to this game, keep your expectations low. The premise of the game looks simple but it still takes you a little practice (ranging from days to weeks) before you actually get the hang of it. Remember, when you are comfortable only then you would get the full control. Let your dominant hand do the swiping and you’ll find it much easier to control the moves in the game.

While playing one might look at the character that is running (our eyes automatically go towards a moving object) but this might actually become a hindrance as the character is pretty much going to do is run, while you need to look ahead and lead the character to jump, turn, slide depending upon the kind of obstacle which is approaching. So, keep your eyes on the road!

Keep the single-use power ups for higher levels as you might need them at a crucial point in the game ahead rather than wasting them at a very early stage. There are many power ups which you might encounter such as coin magnate, invisibility or double value as you progress. This also applies to the coin collection. Instead of fretting about collecting more coins concentrate on surviving and learning the tricks first. Once comfortable, you can start collecting the coins.

To overcome the obstacles we have two choices; either to jump up or slide down. It is seen that there are more obstacles which can be overcome by jumping rather than the ones that require you to slide. Also, in the earlier stages if you come across an obstacle which requires you to jump (e.g. a tree root) you can expect more of similar obstacles rather than an unexpected slide obstacle in between. This combination of obstacles is observed only at higher levels.

Be quick to jump or to slide. If you trip, it not only reduces your speed but also the ape monsters would be close at your heels. Trip twice and they would catch you for sure.  

As one progresses the game gets faster and sometimes it becomes very difficult to maneuver in such times. If you happen to be in one such situation, you can slow down a little bit by tripping purposely. But watch out for those apes they are right behind you!

Quotes and Remarks

These are the funny lines which usually appear after you lose. Depending upon the way you were thrown out of the game, there would appear a remark which is seen at the top. These are funny and witty remarks (coming from the characters, sometimes) which are an interesting part of the game. So even if you lose, you do have a smile on your face. Each character has different sets of lines and they tell us something more about these runners. “Tree hugger” and “Are we bugging you” are quite common at the initial stages. Or “I knew I should have learned how to fly” from the famous Karma Lee at higher levels. Sample this from our very own Barry Jones after hitting the skull trap, “This is not how I imagined my retirement!”

 All in all, this simple game is fun and exciting laced with humour and funny moments is sure to entertain you. It can prove to be a great stress buster and also a thing to boast among your friends after reaching a certain level. So, keep running!

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