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Tips and Tricks

Fruit Ninja: Tips and Tricks to Score High

Combos Combos work the best. It always better, in any mode, to not slice every fruit individually but hack them in combos of three or more. For this, it is better to let the fruit complete its course to the top as it stops for a millisecond in the air. By this time other fruits come up and you have a chance to make an awesome combo.


Blitzes follow the combos. The more combos you make in a row, the more blitzes you get; for e.g. Combo Blitz after three combos in a row.


These are something that you steer clear from. If you slice a bomb in classic mode you end the game on the other hand, hitting a bomb in the arcade mode reduces 10 seconds from your already-limited time. Also, if you hit a bomb while playing in a bonus banana time, its effect is lost immediately. If you don’t hit even a single bomb in the arcade mode you might even get a bonus. Zen mode does not have any bombs and gives you the pleasure of simply slicing the fruits.


It is advisable to use long swipes in order to acquire bigger combos; however, use smaller ones when bombs are around. It is always to let go the combo rather than to end the game (classic) or reduce time (arcade). A diagonal slice is recommended (up to down) which gives you a better chance of slicing more number of fruits at the same time. Sometimes using a curve swipe works when bombs are in the air and you want to achieve a combo, but this has to be a rapid and swift movement.


Although the basic blade is good enough to begin with, you might want to change it while you advance in the game. Different levels unlock different blades and different blades have their specific functions. Like, the Autumn Gust blade (unlocked at the 27th level) creates a tornado that sucks fruits into it and gives you a chance to slice them together. Although these require a lot of patience, once you reach the said levels, these blades and dojos would certainly help you make the best of the scores.


There are many regular fruits which are included in the game for e.g. watermelons, mangoes, peaches, apples etc. There are some special fruits which give you extra points; starfruit, dragon fruits, pomegranates, bonus bananas. Star Fruits: This is the currency of this game. It will help you buy new blades and dojos. Dragon Fruits: It is very rare to encounter this fruit as its occurrence is very rare. But, once it does make an appearance, slicing it will get you a shining 50 points in your kitty. Pomegranates: These appear in classic and arcade modes. Slicing it multiple times gives you extra points. In the arcade mode it appears at the end of the game while in classic it can appear randomly. These ultimately explode slicing all the fruits that remain on the dojo. The trick here is to keep the swipes small and get as many strikes as possible to get maximum score. Bonus Bananas: Double bananas double your score, freeze bananas slow down the speed of the fruits, while frenzy bananas make the fruits appear in an insane number thus giving you the chance to make bigger combos. If you are lucky enough to get a combination of freeze banana and frenzy banana; grab it by both hands and see your score reach unimaginable levels.

Complete Challenges

This is one of the simplest ways of earning points in this game. Pay attention to these objectives and try and complete them as and when possible. These are not very difficult challenges and the rewards are usually pretty cool.

Peachy Times

Another trick to get more points is to use this power up. This gives you extra time and time means more opportunity to score.

Playing Upside Down

This helps many people as placing your phone upside down will make the fruits appear from up to down (which is reverse in the original). Just place the device on the table and rotate. If you have a habit of holding your mobile while playing, just use rotation lock and then rotate your phone.

Finger Connections

Make sure that your phone recognizes your finger. Do not press too hard on the screen; a light swipe would be more apt here making your swipe swift. Also, using multiple fingers will not work in this game. Position your phone in such a way that your finger does not block your view of the game.


Just like a real ninja, you need to be aware of the surroundings. If you pay attention, you will hear the fruits before they are tossed and also differentiate between the sounds of the fruits and bombs.


Just relax and play the game; just like a ninja needs to concentrate. Although this will not give you any extra points, this tip will surely keep you in the game for a long time. As with patience you will play more and develop your own instincts and who knows, you might be able to unravel a trick yourself! We are sure that these tricks would enable you to get to higher levels and higher scores as well. Do remember, these are just tips and not cheats. As a true ninja would never cheat his way to victory. Happy slicing! Get started with  Fruit Ninja .  

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