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Fantasy Cricket / Tips and Tricks

Fantasy Cricket: Leagues, Tips and Beyond

When reality meets imagination the result is magical. A shining example of this is the fantasy sports genre. These are the types of online games where an individual creates an imaginary team of real players and the performances of these real players affect the statistics of these virtual teams. The earliest mention of fantasy sports dates back to the 1950s where the sports involved was golf. Today many sports have entered this fantasy genre arena including football and cricket. While football remains the hot favorite of many people, Fantasy Cricket has its share of ardent followers too.

Although marred by certain misconceptions like betting and gambling, the news that playing Fantasy cricket is legal in India brought joy and sense of relief for all the cricket lovers across the country that has enormous potential for it. Classified as a “game of skill”, participating in this league to earn cash has taken center stage in online gaming industry.

With the advent of internet and the ever-growing interest of the people collectively gave rise to a number of Fantasy Cricket Leagues. While the absolute aim of playing fantasy sports is to have fun playing against the other fantasy team, one cannot forget the kind of rewards it offers.

A typical user in Fantasy League is a passionate player who creates the team based on a fair idea about the game. This includes knowledge about the pitch, weather conditions, form and strengths- weaknesses of the current cricket players, their statistical records and past performance. A good assessment of the strengths of the rival team also adds up to the chances of winning.  Strategy of course plays a big part in this game and you can make a lot of money if you start the right way by following the rules and regulations.

Although the perception and choice of platform varies from user to user most of them have similar features and steps to play. Just like the real world cricket, fantasy cricket can be played in all the three international formats: Test Cricket, One Day International and Twenty20. The basic steps include registering with the platform, selecting a team and players, accrue points and win cash prize based on the points collected after each game.

Most cricket leagues have their own rules while creating a team. You are initially provided with some points to begin the process of building a team including a captain and a vice captain. Tools are available that provide easy statistics like points and averages of individual players which helps in putting together your team. This is an extremely valuable tool which can be found in Howzat. Once this is done, all you need to do is watch your chosen 11 perform in real life. Based on these real performances, your team gets points which essentially make up for your cash rewards.

Users have an option of playing public and private leagues. Public Leagues are usually a form of popular leagues generally created by an administrator of a website for a particular tournament. Examples of such leagues include international cricket events like World Cup, Champions Trophy and Indian Premier League. In private league, the user has the choice to play the fantasy sports with friends and peers.

One of the most popular and emerging websites for fantasy cricket in India is Golden Jeeto. It offers fair play and has transparent point system making it more reliable. Not only this, but it also has a user friendly interface. It also has easy deposit and withdrawal systems which are primarily an essential part of any online game. IPL has played a major role in the success of Golden Jeeto. Users who are a part of avid group of online game lovers can benefit out of the referral system offered by the platform, which acts as a bonus income.

Another growing fantasy league is Dream 11 and unarguably has become one of the biggest fantasy leagues in India. Mahendra Singh Dhoni as a brand ambassador and aggressive advertising has added not only value but also users to it. It offers different levels of challenges and you can compete one on one or against two players or directly go for a 10-member challenge. Couple of major highlights of this league is it announces the winners almost immediately and one doesn’t need to wait for the entire tournament to get over, along with the facility of immediate money withdrawal. There is an entry fee for participating in every contest that has easy to understand points system.

There are several leagues which offer fantasy cricket platform like GrabOn Cricket Fantasy, Select2Win, Cricket++ and more in the pipeline. The forthcoming season of 2019-20 looks the best as numerous cricketing events are lined up, starting from IPL, followed by World Cup and International T20 World Cup. Playing Fantasy League is not restricted to any specific gender and the users can play any match that is lined up including Women Cricket tournaments as well.

Sometimes one of the key factors while choosing a Fantasy League is the saturation level. The old leagues are full of players and thus it diminishes the chances of you winning big. Moreover, if you are a newbie, then it becomes very difficult to find your way through all the experienced players who have been in the league for a while. In such cases the newer leagues can be very useful. One such league is the MPL SuperTeam. Although new league means less players, it certainly doesn’t mean less prize money!

Playing Fantasy League provides users with entertainment and excitement and also keeps them engaged making it a more interesting and interactive experience. No wonder the fantasy leagues across the country have successfully created such a massive presence. One of the primary reasons for its success is that every user can apply their cricketing knowledge and expertise and are not just ordinary fans.

These fantasy leagues are user-friendly and technologically unmatched. Another important thing for users is reliability of these platforms. When it comes to cash earnings, one must choose wisely and should make sure that the chosen platform is reliable. Fairplay policy is an integral part of these leagues which provides equal opportunity to users, following strict guidelines which ensure that there is no price fluctuation of players regardless of their performance. Other important aspects that are taken care of include legalities and secure payments. There are restrictions on creation of multiple accounts by one user in order to avoid misusing a referral link to get cash bonus.

Fantasy cricket league is a fun, transparent and stimulating way to earn and experience matchless quality. Facing an expert opponent is the only snag one might experience but then winning against an expert is surely a feather in the hat! Fantasy Cricket League is here to stay, penetrate and grow exponentially looking at the deep mobile and internet user base of India.

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