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Candy Crush Saga: The Sweet Treat Of Gaming

What is common between candies and video games? Well the answer is that both make us happy. And when these two are combined into one, the experience is nothing short of a sweet treat. When developers at King came up with this concept in the year 2012, it was introduced for Facebook users and it became an instant international sensation overnight where users were hooked on to their mobiles to swap candies and cross levels. Looking at the popularity of the game it was later developed for Android phones and Windows and Candy Crush Saga became a rage not just amongst the youngsters but also the older generation. It is still played across the globe with more and more new users downloading the game every day.

There are many reasons for the game being a super hit, simplicity being one of them. This enabled almost everyone to try their hand at the game and doing pretty well from the very beginning. The board game is full of different candies which the user needs to swap in order to make a match of three or more. Once done, the matched candies disappear from the board giving way to newer candies and allowing the user to score more. Each level has a goal to be achieved and that too within certain amount of moves per level. Matching does not only provide the points but also certain combinations gives the players with power ups which help in achieving the goal faster. If one fails to do so, he or she loses a life and has to start the level all over again.

Candy Crush Saga received over 2.7 billion downloads and it became one of the most played mobile games. This encouraged the makers to create similar games such as Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Candy Crush Friends. All these games belong to the same genre of match three puzzles and received a decent response from the users, though Candy Crush Saga remains the hot favourite of most of the people.

Apart from all the amazing candies and their powers, the game is filled with different characters which reside in the Candy Kingdom. The main characters are Tiffi and Mr. Toffee who guide us throughout the game giving us hints and ideas of the coming events and stages. There are many other characters which appear in the different ‘episodes’ of the game; Easter Bunny, Mr. Yeti, and Odus the Owl to name a few. Not only this, the kingdom has its own troll too known as the Bubblegum Troll! Now that’s what we call a complete kingdom, right! But this troll can come to your rescue at a very crucial point.

Blockers In The Game

It is always advisable to understand what we are up against and here is a list of blockers which can affect your game in terms of time and moves. Read on to get an idea of all and create a strategy to bust them beforehand.


This sweet sensation becomes the most common obstacle to your win. It appears in blocks and can be very tricky as they have a tendency to multiply and you better clear them off the board as fast as you can.

Chocolate Spawner

Chocolate Blocks and Chocolate Spawners

Sometimes also called Chocolate Fountain, these spawners appear after the 156 level. These mean machines regenerate chocolates and can be very tricky and keep on regenerating them even if we manage to clear away all the chocolate blockers from the board.


The licorice can come in two types of blockers one as an ‘x’ and other as a swirl. These can appear where there could be candies beneath. To clear the x blocker one needs to form a combination of the same colour candy as under the ‘x’ and then clear the licorice. On the other hand, a licorice swirl can be cleared by bringing candies next to it and swapping them.


These bombs have a timer attached to it and the number denotes the moves that are left within which that bomb needs to be cleared. These bombs can be either cleared by a special candy or by making a combination of 3 candies (of the same colour as the bomb) to get rid of it. If one fails to disable the bomb within the given time then the game is over and one also loses a life.


Single and Multilayered Meringues

These too come in two types; single and layered. The single layered meringue can be cleared by making an adjacent move to it, just like the licorice swirl. Similarly, the multilayered meringue too can be cleared by making moves next to it. The only difference is that we need to make several moves to clear the different layers of this meringue.


These wiggly-jiggly sweets contain candies within which can be recovered by either matching the colours of the candies inside them or making a move next to them.

Toffee Tornadoes

These are almost indestructible; moreover, these change their position quite easily and that too after every move. Although it is impossible to destroy them, they can be disabled by using a special candy; but only for 5 moves. So watch out for these.

Cake Bombs                     

These appear after level 365. These are placed in different positions on the board and it takes a lot of time and moves to destroy them.

Some Tips To Get You Started

Although the game seems simple, there are several challenges that one might come across especially if playing for the first time. The first few levels are quite simple and one can easily get ahead by applying no special skills and also not losing out on lives. But as we go further the board becomes difficult and we are faced with difficult combinations of candies which might land us in a sticky situation (pun not intended). So here are some of the tips that can get you started on the Candy Crush Saga journey all prepared.

Take A Close Look At The Board And Then Start

As excited as we are to begin our candy quest, do not rush into things. Take a good look at your board and pick the best set to start with. This will not only save moves but also time and it would be easy to move on the next levels easily and quickly.

Focus On The Target

As mentioned above, every level has a target to achieve. Make sure to keep that in mind while playing. Because trust us, this swapping and getting points for it can be very addictive. Also, further down the line we are faced with timed levels. So as the game progresses we need to be on our toes to complete a level and move ahead.

Clear All The Blocks First

There would be several levels which would present to us with blocked candies (either covered with chocolate or even sometimes caramel). These are the levels in which we need to unblock these candies and then further go on with the remaining challenge. The trick is to clear all the blocked candies first and that too without wasting on extra moves. Be aware of blocked candies which are set in the corner and try to remove them first as these can prove to be very tricky to remove at a later stage.

Special Candies

Always keep a watch on the candy combos which result in special candies as these are going to be very helpful in clearing the board and level at the same time saving your moves and time.

Do Not Go For Suggested Moves Always

Although sometimes the suggested moves help us to go ahead if we are stuck at any point but these cannot be the best every time. Use these suggested moves only if you are unable to spot any combination and losing out on time.

Create Special Candies

For this you will have to be really alert all the time. Sometimes special candies are the best bet to clear out blockers. For e.g., horizontally stripped candies for clearing adjacent boards will help you clear out many candies at a time saving your moves. Special candies can clear out multiple blockers like bombs and jellies and licorice swirls as well.

Hope these tips would get you further ahead in the game quickly and easily. We would be updating the tips as and when we get to know about them. Till then, enjoy swapping candies and have lots of fun!

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