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Fantasy Cricket

Best Fantasy Cricket Leagues : Choose and Play

We had discussed some time back about Fantasy Cricket in our earlier blog in which we had an overview of the subject. Here, we would discuss about some Fantasy Cricket Leagues and apps which are leading in the genre. Although the basic rules remain the same, there are certain details in each app or league which differentiates them from others.

Fantasy Cricket took the nation by storm and with that many leagues entered the gaming arena. It would be difficult to talk about every league so we have shortlisted some of them in no particular order of preference.

Almost all the leagues ask you to create an account, pick your 11-member team with a captain and a vice captain and then select a match and play. Later, based on your team’s performance, you get your cash rewards.

Golden Jeeto           

This is a very user friendly app and it is easy to navigate and gives the player a hassle-free experience. Unlike many other apps, it allows you to play fantasy cricket on a daily basis. Moreover, there are no restrictions in selecting a match or a tournament. Fantasy cricket players are free to join any league depending upon the real-life tournaments played across the globe; of course, the players one chooses have to feature in those matches/tournaments. They give importance to fairplay and a clear point system makes it one of the most reliable leagues in India.

Once the selected match is over your points are calculated based on your players’ performances and then that is converted into cash prizes.


Being one of the first fantasy sports platforms in India, it has lot of followers and having M.S. Dhoni as the brand ambassador adds value to this league. Furthermore, they have a simple interface which makes things easy for the players even if they are not accustomed to play any mobile games. Also, they have a detailed explanation of the process given on the site which can be viewed even before you download the app. All the rules and regulations are clearly mentioned and that makes it easy for players to decide whether to enter or not. They have many affordable options while playing for cash contests. Like many other leagues, the selection process is closed an hour before the selected match begins.

They even update scorecards on the site regularly which makes it easy for players to keep track. Money withdrawal is also quite easy where one-time account verification is needed and you are sorted.

Their latest offering is a Season Challenge which lasts over the entire season rather than just a match. One can join this for free and get rewarded accordingly. In this challenge you can pick players from all the teams that feature in the entire season. But unlike its regular feature, you can pick only one team over the entire season.

Dreams Sports League

This is one of the emerging leagues in India. The player gets sign up bonus of Rs. 50 which is a great attraction for many. They too have options like cash or free contests. Players can create up to 6 dream teams per match. Making changes to the team is also quite easy all one needs to do is edit the team before the deadline. Like many other leagues, Dreams Sports League offers referral codes and cash prizes.

Even this league has an easy deposit and withdrawal system. One can deposit or withdraw at any given time without any processing fees.


This is one of the latest leagues in India and it is definitely catching the players’ fantasy for sure. With its easy interface, detailed explanations via demo (in English and Hindi both) and 100 credits to begin with, this league is gaining more and more followers each day. Currently they have four types of leagues; Max Score, Max Boundary, Fast Score and Max Bash.

Max Score is the regular league in which one has to choose a team and the total points are decided at the end of the match. Here, all the three departments of cricket are taken into consideration. In Max Boundary, the entire process is same as that in Max Score where one needs to pick a team and gain maximum points, but the points are only for boundaries i.e. 4s and 6s. The players who score boundaries in the real matches will get the points. In Fast Score the points are allotted only for batting whereas in Max Bash, all the three departments of batting, bowling and fielding are considered in which users have to maximize their score to win. Whichever user has maximum score for the first 120 balls, for T20, or first 300 balls for ODI wins the league.


Now the name would sound a little weird as one doesn’t really score on a dot ball, but this site has some really unique things to offer apart from the routine many other leagues follow. Here, currently we have three different features of which the users can take advantage of. The newest feature is the Contest Pass wherein the users can purchase the contest pass and get free entries to multiple contests giving the users the satisfaction of entering multiple contests at a low fees and a chance to win lots of prizes. Another unique feature is that of Fan Power which helps the users change the captain and the vice captain at the end of an inning (of course at a small price) if you are not satisfied with your choice. Apart from these, the regular users are rewarded from time to time with bonuses and also cash and the options of joining the club memberships. For people who just want to stick to their cash prizes are welcome to do so with their instant withdrawal options the very same day.


This is a site which has slowly become quite popular. It is not yet that saturated where you are up against a very large player base. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the prize pool is less too. The prizes are much the same as that of other leagues. Another feature of this league is that when the player puts a team together, the site provides a statistic chart beside every cricket player making it easy for the users to pick or drop them from their dream team.

11 Wickets

Another emerging site which has lesser competition and bigger prize pool. This site offers some different features for its users such as daily free leagues where people can play and earn cash without spending anything from their pockets. Or you can even get to meet the brand ambassador Sunny Leone for that matter! All you need to do is to keep a watch on their promo offers.

There is a plethora of apps and leagues when it comes to Fantasy Cricket in India. Like mentioned earlier all of these leagues have almost the same basic rules and regulations but stand out in terms of user interface, withdrawals systems, fairplay policy or the promo offers. Now it is up to the users on what they like and what they are interested in. Just don’t forget to have a lot of fun! So what’s stopping you? Choose and play!

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